Spirit Groups



SPIRIT GROUPS” are small group book gatherings that meet weekly for 8 weeks in member’s homes.

  • Inspires connections & personal transformation
  • Gatherings with a sacred purpose
  • Develops meaningful friendships
  • Encourages spiritual growth
  • Supports each other in times of joy & challenge
  • Participates in a community service project
  • Includes prayer & meditation

Each series is for 8 weeks, and we have 2 -3 gatherings each year.

There will be 3-4 groups offered, each focusing on different books & meeting at different times and locations. Daytime & evening group choices.

These are NOT classes, but rather opportunities to discover personal insights within loving settings. Announcements for signing up will occur 1-month prior to each series.


Please email Chrysi Black at unityfayar@gmail.com

Let’s journey together!

Testimonials from prior Spirit Groups:

“There is nothing that compares with the intimacy I feel in my Spirit Group. I would describe it as a gathering of minds and love.” -- Marsha Witt

“It’s always a wonderful growing opportunity when people come together to accept, encourage and support each other, exactly where you are.” -- Charity Clark

“Much more than a book club. A support group that sees the truth of who you are and encourages and supports everyone’s spiritual growth.” -- Theresa Wohlfeld

“Spirit Groups enhance the community connection. Getting to know each person in the group at a more in-depth level while on the path together to be a better me.” -- Ann Williams

“The depth of connection with others in my Spirit Group, without fixing, advice, or judgments, creates a safe & sacred space for sharing insights, shadows & truth. As I gain greater love for myself along the way.” -- Chrysi Black

“Being in Spirit Group is an opportunity to evolve my consciousness with a higher spiritual understanding, which has changed my view of the world by increasing compassion for myself as well as others. I share more intimately, love more deeply and play harder through the group’s help.” -- Katherine Guendling

Chrysi Black is the Small Group Ministry Coordinator.

Contact Chrysi Black at unityfayar@gmail.com