Non-Doing in Action

In my last blog I wrote of being perplexed about how I could ever get anything done by non-doing.  I said I’d get back with you if I ever figured it out.  Well, I think see how it works.

My Story:  It was July and in August I had the good fortune to be head Chef at Marilyn Harpers’ Mt. Ida retreat for 30 crystal diggers.  I’d never been a chef to 30 people before, and the menu, grocery lists and what to cook and freeze prior to the retreat wasn’t even started. 

My mind was anxious.  The time was near and I hadn’t even connected with my sister, who was to be my sous chef.  Time was running out.  How was I going to compile all of this.  It seemed so complex. 

There were both groceries to purchase here at home and groceries to get in Mt. Ida.  And the menu had to accommodate gluten-free and other food preferences for the retreaters.  I was a basket case, not sleeping well and every time I put pen to paper or attempted to set up a spread sheet, things fell apart.

Fear and frustration arose and I was witness to it all. I stopped, sat in my favorite meditation chair, took a deep breath and affirmed over and over again, “I need do nothing, I need do nothing.”

This event was “supposed” to be fun – so far it wasn’t. 

Between breaths I thanked God for all the fun to come, and relaxed.  The mind went nuts, “How are we going to get anything done by doing nothing?” I heard it say.

“Poor little head” I said, then smiled and relaxed again breathing in and breathing out.  After about an hour of breathing and doing nothing, I surrendered and put everything away.  Placing my faith in Divine Order.

The very next morning I started the day with my spiritual practice, meds and breakfast and took my cup of hot water out to the front porch swing.  I sat in silence watching my husband in the rocking chair near me.  Gratitude filled my heart.  I did an open-eyed meditation looking at the trees, plants, flowers, neighbors and cars passing around me.  I felt so blessed and connected to the Universe and everything in it.

While swinging on the porch I pulled out my Daily Word and The Way of Mastery and read for about an hour.  Then I was drawn to the computer without a thought in my head.

I pulled up Excel and with ease and grace I created menus and spreadsheets of grocery lists.  Everything fell in place.  I made copies of the recipes, created a daily schedule for the retreatants, and sent an email to my sister that explained all that was going to happen, when and how.

What I had not been able to accomplish in an entire week of worrying, was done before lunch.  And it was done without effort.  Everything just kept falling in place.

This must be non-doing.  There was a lot of action, but it was effortless.  It was joyful, fun and fulfilling action.  By Gove, I think I found it.  Stuff does get done by non-doing.  I’ve moved deeper into non-doing, I’m about up to my knees now.

The sweet thing is that after the August retreat all the other events, tasks and travel I hoped I could accomplish fell in place by non-doing.  The Bylaws rewrite is nearly at an end, the EarthCare Team is up and running, the annual conference got cancelled and I travelled to Houston, Dallas, Colorado, Austin and Missouri.  I saw all my children, grandkids, and great-grandson  effortlessly, in ease and grace.  I’m witnessing non-doing repeatedly in my life.

All I ever needed to do was to mindfully notice what is going on, stop, breathe, affirm the Truth, feel connected to God and follow my divine guidance.  Piece of cake.  Try it, you might like it too.


Lovenough, Katherine