Invitation to Share

Dear Friends,

Happy 2024 – How you been?  Really, what are you up to?  I invite you to share with me by using this blog site. 

If you’re willing to share what you are up to send it  Attention: Katherine. 

Pretend it is the day after your birthday and a dear friend that you haven’t seen in a while emails you a happy birthday and asks you to share about what you’ve been up to.  Here, dear friend, is my reply to your question:

Thank you my friend, the day was beautiful.

How am I doing?  Life seems ordinary, but with a twist.  There are still physical issues going on.  Macular degeneration is increasing, reading is more challenging, utilizing Audible.  I'm going to have another procedure to check my pancreas down in Little Rock on Wednesday, no one can figure out what's going on with my digestive center.  I'm working with a nutritionist at WRMC and because I have diabetes, I get the sessions for free, little blessings show up from everywhere.  Little by little I'm testing foods to find out what works and I've just added vegan butter and cheeses to my basket of veggies that are compatible with this body.  Food is just becoming fun for the first time six months.  Although no diagnosis, I'm feeling fantastic. Exercising nearly every day with Silver Sneakers in my living room.  

What I consider the "twist" is that I'm not at all concerned about any of the body stuff.  I'm paying attention and taking caution, when necessary, but I am no longer expecting it to be different, it just IS.  The attention I give my body is different – more love and compassion.  I attended a 4 day Zoom silent retreat over New Years and its focus was equanimity.  I've evolved consciously.  Equanimity is my new mindful practice.  Today I have a new, deeper sense of living in the flow.

Peace and expectation and satisfaction fill my days.  I smile a lot.  I get rocked off center a lot.  I return to equanimity a lot.  I think it was a great retreat. 

I'm teaching a class called Unity Prayer twice on Mondays.  16 Zoomers are showing up.  It's for 5 weeks.  I love the conversations we're having.  It's all about Affirmative Prayer.  That and painting are what I’m filling my day with.

I've given my three-year notice at Unity; I won't be a Licensed Unity Teacher at Unity of Fayetteville after I turn 80.  With the meditation and exercise practices I've already built in my life, I only want to spend the rest of my day painting and visiting with friends, and a movie or two and a dance occasionally would also be fun too.

Randy is doing marvelously.  His heart and new device are working perfectly.  He's learning to really slow down because his knee surgery isn’t happening until May 13th. He's not capable of doing what he thinks he's capable of doing and he’s learning how to deal with that.  Not always, but most of the time it becomes humorous.  Lessons for both of us.  And an excellent time for me to be practicing equanimity.  

My son, Jason, is blossoming like never before in his 52-year life.  Nursing school, the instructors, his study group, new friends, making A's and really working hard to make the A's.  He's become a mentor to several in his cohort.  He's the kind of happy that I remember when he was little.  So sweet.

More deaths are happening in my family and friendship circles.  No part of that is fun, however I do have a deep loving regard for the celebration of life gatherings. I made the choice this Saturday to attend a baby shower rather than a life celebration.  Both happening at the same hour.  I'm reminded repeatedly of the Chinese blessing that we live in interesting times.  These are the most interesting times I find myself in.

I have about a dozen fantastic books sitting, waiting for me to read them.  I'd like to do some un-purposeful reading, I feel like it's just around the corner but not here today.  I've even gathered them all together in the same area of the bookshelf so I can get started.  Yes, I have some things to let go of before reading manifests.  I sense that it'll begin the 20th of February, the day after the last class of Unity Prayer.

Well, my friend, I didn't intend this to be so lengthy, I didn't think I had anything to share.  Thank you for the invitation to share.  Life is nice.  Love you bunches.  I look forward to learning what’s up with you.

Lovenough, Katherine